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My name is Keonte Lee “AlmightyK”. I was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in Brampton, Ontario.

I gained the courage of writing lyrics back in the 2nd grade by my uncle who produces and also records songs. I never started recording any of my songs until I got to high school and built my own studio with help from my family after I gave up on basketball.

My first hit single is “Grateful” a song off my Christmas EP which explains how I am grateful for the opportunities that are coming my way but I am still going to work hard to better me and the families lifestyle. I got on the grind to become who I am today from a young kid and I am only getting better and going to work harder. I never really had a knack for patience so I decided to do everything by myself in terms of mixing and putting out songs and at first it didn’t sound good but I kept working hard and got my sound to where I want it to be. I’ve been slept on my whole life so I was always in the studio grinding instead of doing my school work until I reached my goal because my goal was always to make it out before I graduate and I never stopped working until I got there and I still am grinding to this day to get there even though education is one of the main prioritys. I never been the type to talk a lot, I just like to grind and get things done whether I have to stay up all night and get it done and I learned that ethic from the way my family carries themselves. I think with the time I put in to this music I can be not “one” of the greatest artists to touch the mic but “the” greatest artist to touch the mic because I find myself very versatile and I am able to switch up my music styles like no other artist.

May the grind begin.