Saturday, October 21, 2017


His goal: to become one of the greatest music producers known in the world. His plan: to change the sound of music as we know it. His sound: a unique blend of intricate melodies interlaced with classic Bayou rhythms and rugged harmonies with some of the most amazing drums known to human ears. It is for these reasons that Producer, Engineer, Songwriter. Known for his works with artist such as Dee-1, Hamilton Park, Justin Garner, Jor’dan Armstrong, and many more. Psylence is quickly establishing his name in the Music Industry.

For the past 10 years, Psylence has been producing, engineering, writing, and mixing music to perfect his individual sound. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, you can easily hear that his music is influenced by his Bayou home. As he so eloquently states, “the music I create represents my state of mind”.

Psylence calls himself, “the man behind the music” because he lets his music speaks for itself. Psylence may be the name, but the music is far from it!