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Born in Tampa, Florida, Tariq “BL$$D” Sharrieff was brought into this world with the purpose of motivating and inspiring everyone he comes across. Blessed with exceptional abilities as an orator from a young age, he has been captivating audiences with dynamic speeches for over 13 years. Starting his career out performing a memorized rendition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech in packed gymnasiums and churches at the young age of 5 years old, he’s managed to establish an extensive resume throughout his career. High school, he was granted the honor of being the keynote speaker at the annual Black History Program held by the City of Tampa. Attending Villa Madonna for middle school, BL$$D was instilled with the values of the Salesians, and raised tens of thousands of dollars for them by speaking at several fundraisers. After he graduated from Villa Madonna, he went on to attend the prestigious Jesuit High School. It was there that he began to realize the power of positive thought and manifestation. Being cultivated by the Jesuit order and rubbing shoulders with a large number of prominent alumni allowed him to see that anything is possible. Through the tutelage of prestigious mentors such as Steve Hybicki, P-Nazty, A-Plu$$, Marz, Dun Deal, Randy Lanphear, Waah Dean, Be El Be, Jazze Pha and many others, he has been able to develop from a boy with a dream, to a young man with a vision that is quickly manifesting itself into reality.

“It all started when I was 13. I met a kid on a cruise ship who told me about this program called FL Studio. I wanted to get into music production so I checked it out, but had absolutely no idea how to use it and so I gave up. A couple of months later, God gave me a comprehensive tutorial on how to use FL Studio in a dream. I woke up, tried out everything I saw in my dream and it actually worked. From then on, I knew that everything that I did or accomplished would be for God.”

It just so happens that when he was 14, he discovered that through his father he was a nephew of Waah and Darrin Dean, the founders of Ruff Ryderz and a cousin of Super-Producer Swizz Beatz. “Once I discovered my lineage, I knew that God has placed all of these pieces together for a reason, and I was determined to find out why. Knowing that my family created one of the biggest labels in Hip Hop history provided an endless amount of inspiration, and I knew that if they were able to do that with the limited resources they had at the time, nothing was impossible.”

With each record, BL$$D strives to transport the listener into a world they’ve never explored before. His music could be described as a sonic gumbo of sorts. Being heavily influenced by his native state of Florida, many of his songs contain a very tropical feel, characterized by smooth plucks, wavy basslines, jubilant melodies, groove oriented drum programming and the tagline “You are now being blessed.” “No matter where you are, whenever you hear a BL$$D song, I want it to put a smile on your face and a pep in your step. It’s not just Tropical House, it’s Tropical Soul.”

In other productions, he creates the perfect marriage of electronic, pop and trap music. With chords and cadences reminiscent of early 2000’s pop and dance smashes, bombastic high hats and snares and deep 808 basslines that register high on the Ritcher Scale, he seeks to synthesize an experience that any listener, no matter the age, race or class will enjoy. “I’ve always been a major fan of producers like Pharrell, Ryan Leslie, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland because you can feel the love in their music. Even if you were playing one of their songs with the volume all the way down, you could feel it. I’m aiming to give the listener that same feeling with any record I’m apart of. It’s deeper than just putting sounds together, I’m creating memories that are going to last you a lifetime.”

BL$$D has been a major fan of Electronic Dance Music, also known as EDM ever since he was young. “It all started out with Daft Punk’s “Discovery” album. That was my introduction into electronic music and I fell in love from there. I draw a large amount of my inspiration from artists such as Hardwell, Calvin Harris, Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix, Carnage, DVBBS, Ummet Ozcan, Armin Van Buuren, R3hab and many other incredible creative minds. I feel like, in order to truly create EDM you have to understand the culture, so I’m constantly studying the genre in order to figure out how I can progress it even further. Many people think EDM is just a bunch of synthesizers and four on the floor drum patterns, but it’s way more than that. EDM is love. It’s the universal language that brings people together from all over the world, and one day I look forward to being that DJ on stage speaking to everyone.”

In 2015, BL$$D co-founded a production company, CROWD+CTRL Entertainment. “CROWD+CTRL originally started as a production duo consisting of me and my brother Taycreations, but we’ve expanded to include two more memebers, my close homies MOM£NT and Ryan “Ry Beats” Burke. We’re a group of creative individuals who want to push culture forward by leaps and bounds. When people look at the tastemakers and leaders of this generation and the next few generations, I want them to look at us.” You’ll always know a CROWD+CTRL production when you hear a high pitched voice at the beginning of a song saying “It’s Lit!” The production company makes it’s debut on Rae Sremmurd’s Sophomore LP “Sremmlife 2” with the songs “Shake It Fast ft. Juicy J” and “662 ft. Impxct and Riff 3x”

With all of his accomplishments, BL$$D is a big proponent of giving back and blessing others. His campaign, “Love Is Lit” revolves around giving in order to receive. By merging his music industry expertise with powerful motivational speeches, he seeks to energize people all over the world and help them realize the power they possess within themselves. “Ever since I was born, I’ve felt like it was my mission to help people channel the power within. Each and every single one of us is special, but so many people have been conditioned by society to believe that they aren’t. There’s no such thing as average or ordinary in my eyes, because everyone is destined to do something great. I’m here to make you the best version of yourself possible.” At the age of 18, he’s one of the youngest “life coaches” in the industry, yet that doesn’t seem to deter him from accomplishing his goal of changing lives every day. “People might look at my age and not take me seriously as a life coach or motivational speaker, but I personally think you’re never too young to change someone’s life for the better.”

Above anything else, BL$$D wants people to know that if he can achieve this degree of success, you can too. “I always knew that I would go from producing in my bedroom to producing for the biggest artists in the world. All you have to do is see yourself where you want to be, believe in you being there and work diligently to ensure that it happens. Keep your energy positive, meditate often, give thanks to God and be the best person you can possibly be. Just don’t forget to pay it forward once you get to where you’re trying to go.”

BL$$D can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @officialblssd.


Ayo&Teo – “Rolex” (Produced with Backpack)

Rae Sremmurd ft. Impxct and Riff 3x- “662”

Rae Sremmurd ft. Juicy J- “Shake It Fast” (Co-Prod. with Steve “The Sauce” Hybicki and Bryce Smith)(Ghost Produced)

Young Dolph- “Racks” (Co Prod. With MikeWilMadeIt and A+)

Young Greatness ft. Dave Abrego- “Hard Times”

The Shop Boyz- “Dream On”

Eearz- Work Ya Muscle (Recording, Mixing and Mastering Credit)

High Society ft. Key!- Lex Luger (Credited as #206)

A$AP Ferg ft. Future – New Level (BL$$D x KRVWVLL Riot Step Remix)(Unofficial Remix)

Young Chu ft. Cap 1 – IonWantIt


Fergie- The Men All Pause (Co-Prod. with Steve “The Sauce” Hybicki)

August Alsina – Still Don’t Know

Tedashii – Free

Jay Park ft. Maniac – Money Maker

Pharoah ft. BoneCrusher – Mummy

Pharoah ft. Miss Mulatto – Good Love

Rae Sremmurd – Trickin’ In Miami

Rae Sremmurd ft. BoBo Swae – First Time

Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd – Don’t Leave Pour

Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd – Hop Out The Bed

Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd – Summer Jam

Eearz – Knock Knock

Impxct of Sremmlife Crew – Paypal


Katy Perry

Sean Paul

Solo Lucci ft. Fetty Wap


Phyzikal ft. Sammie and Roscoe Dash

Uncle Murda ft. Ar-Ab

Tk n Cash


Fergie, iLoveMakonnen, Tk n Cash, Eearz, F1 Joey, Two-9, Nyemiah Supreme, Skooly, K Major, Epic Records, Cap-1, Roscoe Dash, Sammie, Young Joc, Shanell (Young Money), Spencer Lee