L.N.S. can be described in three words, versatile, lyrical and passionate. As a member of the rap group A.O.N.S.L. (All Or Nothin SQUADLIFE) he is an artist who is determined to break musical grounds making intense, creative and thought provoking music. A native of Chicago’s west side, his family broke away from the high crime of the city to relocate to Elkhart, Indiana, focused on creating a better life.
At only 8 years old, he jump started his rap career and was advanced beyond his years. Although his dream of rap stardom was halted at the age of 16, when he was incarcerated for over 6 years for armed robberies. While incarcerated he perfected his craft and sharpened his skills, writing almost every day.
He vowed to chase his dreams and become successful for himself as well as his family.
Immediately upon his release in May 2013 he hit the ground running with his music, releasing his first mixtape “The Appetizer” only 3 months after he was released. Less than 2 years of gaining buzz he unfortunately suffered another legal set back that resulted in 2 years house arrest.  Yet and still he released his second project “In Due Time” in March (2015).  Then releasing a group project with AONSL entitled “10 Years Later” March (2017). His upcoming EP “This too…” has no set release date yet. With all of the hardships that he’s faced in life, LNS continues to rise above it all, destined to become one of raps elite stars.
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He vowed to chase his dreams . . . for himself as well as his family.

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