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Klondike Blonde was born in Raleigh, NC and raised in the bay area of California. She has always had a passion for music, writing songs and poetry since elementary school, although It was not well known, as she was stuck behind the scenes.

Klondike says that she had a strict, foreign born mother who thought she was crazy when she said she was moving to Atlanta to pursue her music. As soon as she turned 18, that is what she did. Living in california, she graduated high school early and enrolled in a film and audio production course. This course mainly taught videography and editing. They ended up having a recording studio which she would sneak off to whenever she had free time. This is where she learned to record/engineer for herself at the age of 16 and she recorded her first ever freestyle track, on a Bone Thugz n Harmony instrumental. This group was her biggest inspiration at the time, and thus she went by the name of “Thugsta”.

The day that she was old enough to be on her own, she flew back to the east coast. Her career in Atlanta started off with modeling and acting gigs. While she was in the city for those gigs, she built connections within the industry and the music field. Klondike felt that as a woman it was hard to be taken serious when talking business and music, especially when she had nothing to show. Klondike decided to take matters into her own hands and use what she learned in production school.

She began recording herself. She dropped her first single on soundcloud in February 2017 just to see how many people would react to her transition from model/acting to an artist. To her surprise it did well! She dropped another single about a month later called “Big Gang Glocks” that did even better. She now grew a fan base and received more attention. Her unique voice and style of song is what caught the attention of many people.

Her most personal single “Love Letter” was dropped after about 6 months of silence. Love Letter was a song that she had in her head for a while. She decided to finally look at some beats to record to and the first one she opened fit her melody. She dragged the beat into logic and sat in front of her computer until the next day when she had finished the song. Klondike says, “I really found myself, my style, and my voice within this very song.”


“I really found myself, my style, and my voice within this very song.”

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